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Jan 17th, Tuesday:  WGRR  8:45am, possibly broadcast Wednesday Jan. 18th    Married with Microphones

Jan 21st, Saturday: 55KRC 1:00-3:00  Marilyn Harris Show

Jan 22nd , Sunday: 55KRC 2:00- 3:00  Cookin with Caitlin

Jan. 23rd ,Monday:  Channel 19  10:45am  Rob Williams- Suburban Chef- Barbie Hahn

Jan. 25th , Wednesday: Channel 9  12:30 12:45pm,  Julie O’Neil and Chef Joel

Jan.  27th , Friday:  55KRC  8:30am, Brian Thomas show

Jan, 23-27-  12:00-3:00  700 WLW, Bill Cunningham Show—still exact date TBA

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