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2010 - present

Amateur Entrants


Lighthouse Community School

Bob Johnson

Nate & Sam

Avon-Miami Lodge

Camp Livingston

Andy Petty

Louis Claybon




2019 Results

PEOPLE’S  CHOICE  (Best Soup of the 2019 Chicken Soup


Chicken Noodle Soup


Judges Choice Award-

Sacred Beast

 Chicken parsnip, mushroom Matzo Ball Soup


Best Amateur Soup Award

Nate and Sam

Homemade Moroccan Chicken Soup.  Moroccan spices, chickpeas and lentils, toasted coconut and homemade harissa oil


Best  Matzo Ball

Belterra Park-

Chicken Asian soup with rye matzo balls- with hand made crackers.


2nd place-Marx’s Bagels

3rd place-Sacred Beast Diner


Most  Original

Beck’s Place Catering


2nd place- Nate and Sam

3rd place- Café Mediterranean


Best Vegetarian

McAlister’s Deli

 2nd Place- Seasons retirement Community


Best  Chicken Noodle

Andy Petty

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

2nd Place- Stone Creek Dining Company

3rd Place- Bravo! Deerfield


Best Decorated Tables

Most Creative Handmade:
Sam and Nate

Best use of florals and ceramics: 


Best use of printed graphics:

Belterra Park

Best use of printed graphics:
Camp Livingston

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